EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- Evansville police are looking for the men responsible for shooting and killing an Evansville teenager over the weekend. 

Dispatchers began taking calls of shots fired in the 600 block of Monroe Avenue around 10:40 Saturday night.

Operator: “Okay, did you see somebody get shot?”

Caller: “Yeah, I heard it, and this little girl is sitting here crying telling me to help her.”

What some neighbors thought were fireworks turned out to be gunshots.

Operator: “Okay yeah, we have had a couple of other calls.”

Caller: “Yeah it is multiple and they are still going.”

“When officers arrived in the area, they were flagged down. They found a 15-year-old male who had received gunshots to the stomach,” says Evansville Police Sergeant, Nick Winsett.

Police say the victim, Damarion Stanley, was transported to the hospital. He later died from his injuries. At the same time he was being treated, police received reports of a second victim, a 17 year-old with a gunshot wound to the head. Police say he was grazed by a bullet and was dropped off at a hospital.

“He was able to survive his injuries and is doing quite well,” Sgt. Winsett says.

Now police are looking for the people responsible. Detectives are canvassing the area and searching for clues. Several neighbors we spoke with have doorbell cameras, which police say could help.

“We are asking for people who may have information or may have seen something on their camera to come forward,” Sgt. Winsett says.

Police say they are looking for three suspects, described as being all men wearing all black and latex gloves. So far, nobody has been taken into custody.

“Any information or any knowledge, even if they do not think it is very important, anything at all would help this investigation go forward. Please just call and give us the tips that you might have,” Winsett says.

The investigation is ongoing. If you have any information, call the Evansville Police Department.