SANTA CLAUS, In. (WEHT)- People are celebrating Labor Day in various ways across the Tri-State.
For some, that means backyard cookouts, a day at the pool, or maybe a parade. But for others, it’s about keeping a tradition alive.

“We’ve been coming to holiday world on labor day weekend since the kids were little, our oldest is now 30. So, it’s kind of tradition,” says Dwayne Smith. Tracy Smith tells us, “My family is from St. Louis… so, we kind of meet up that way and it’s a tradition in that way.”

Dwayne and Tracy smith started this tradition decades ago and don’t plan on stopping it anytime soon. As the saying goes, there’s something for everyone… Dwayne Smith says, “I love the water park. I don’t go on the coasters as much anymore, but I like the water park…” Tracy Smith explains, “I like the coasters… Thunderbird is probably my favorite, but I like the coasters and the water park.”

Decades worth of memories, and ice-cream, is enough to keep this family coming back for more.
Dwayne Smith exclaims, “In the 4th of July, I like the utterly blue icecream!”