Uniontown, Ky (WEHT)- As students are headed back to school, excitement is sure to follow.
But for some families, a new school year can bring financial stress. It takes just one person, not seeking the spotlight, to make a difference.

“Let kindness grow” is the message of the year for Uniontown Elementary School. One unexpected donation would be sure to set the tone. Principal Tapp says, “This donation is like one huge example of being kind. I just hope this shows students they can give to others”.

A donation of $5,000, anonymously sent to the school, specifically meant to go towards school supplies, as that tends to be a financial burden for families. 5th grade teacher, Tabitha Davis says, “whoever donated that money, they took that burden off of our families… there’s just no words”.

The donation allowed for all 215 students to have everything they need, with the exception of a backpack, to begin school. But the kindness doesn’t stop there. These parents saw a blessing and decided to return the favor.
Davis says, “They asked is there anything they could do to help. I said “Kleenexes! We always need Kleenexes in the classroom!”

Principal Tapp explains, “The PTO put together a snack drive. So, we have a ginormous amount of snacks in the gym right now.”

Though this town may be small, there’s no question it’s a tight knit community, and the meaning behind this donation is not taken lightly.
“They [parents] just get to worry about bringing their kids to school. Thats pretty special. They did something very special,” says Davis.