A strangers act of kindness makes a huge difference for one woman


HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)– A road-side tribute, a picture captures an emotional moment for a local family. Dealing with the loss of two loved ones back to back. A post going around social media showing a man’s act of kindness, showing respect for a stranger.

During one of the hardest weeks in Lisa Denton’s life, she got a little bit of sunshine to help her through.

“When I seen the vehicle pulled off on the side of the road and the gentleman standing outside with his hat over his heart I was like ‘oh my goodness. I needed that. I needed that. I’m gonna take a picture of that,” Lisa Denton says.

Just a few days before Denton got upsetting news not once, but twice.

“I got a text message from my brother Sunday morning saying that our aunt had passed away which is my dad’s sister,” Denton says. “So I just rolled over to call him to tell him that his sister had passed away and just as I was getting ready to do that they called me to let me know that he had fallen and had passed.”

On the day of her aunt’s funeral, that man pulled over on the side of the road, stood outside his car made a huge difference for her.

“You made my day because I knew today would be my dad’s funeral,” Denton cries.

David Kitchens the second says he was just doing what his family taught him.

“Respect. The utmost respect to someone who lost a loved one” David Kitchens II explains.

Denton knows this is a testament to them.

“This is someone who is raised right shown a lot more respect and some people do,” Denton says.

But he wanted to do more.

“just sitting in my truck watching the funeral go by didn’t seem like enough for that person,” Kitchens says.

In a world, the Dentons say, is fast pace with many people in a rush they’re thankful for Kitchens.

It has changed it really has but to see the display in the last two days it seems like our little town is still old fashion” Morris Denton says.

Denton says she didn’t plan on going to the cemetery when they buried her aunt because she knew that’s were they would be putting her dad to rest the next day. But seeing kitchens was the push she needed to get there.

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