A Wife’s Unanswered Questions

So many questions remain unanswered for Ashley Boeglin.  At the top of the list.. who killed her husband last Thursday morning on Detroit’s westside?
Detroit police say 31-year old Michael Boeglin was shot and killed.  His semi-cab set ablaze in an apparent attempt to cover up his murder. 
Detroit police have said little to Ashley and the Boeglin family about their investigation of Mike’s death, and have said nothing since Thursday afternoon.
Ashley says her biggest fear is never knowing who killed her husband.

Ashley says: “You know Mike did not have any enemies that I know of up.  He delivered up in Detroit and he really only knew the people up in the facility, and the one place he at at regularly… that’s it!  He’s not the type that goes out looking for trouble.”)
Police have said Mike’s death may have been an armed robbery that turned violent.  Ashley questions that theory however.  She’s says if it was a robbery, she’s convinced her 6-foot-3 burly husband would not have put up any resistance.

Ashley says: “Mike would have given you anything that he had.  As soon as he would have even thought he was in danger, Mike would not  have fought back against a person like that, you know?  He would have walked  home with no shoes and no clothes… if that’s what it meant just to be able to live.”)
Michael Boeglin parked his semi tractor-trailer in the parking lot of an abandoned athletic field about 150 yards from ThyssenKrupp Steel’s main gate near McGraw and Junction Streets. 
Ashley says her husband parked there so he could get some rest and be first in line to make his delivery to the facility when its gates opened at 5:30 Thursday morning.   Now Detroit police and CrimeStoppers of Michigan are asking the public’s help in finding the person or people responsible for Mike’s death.  Ashley says she’d give anything she has to find her husband’s killer.

Ashley says: I would!  I would give anything in this world be it money; my house; my money; my cars; whatever it would be to find out any information of who did this to Mike! Because without any information this doesn’t go anywhere!  And this was a senseless act!  Nobody deservered to have this done; definitely not Mike… and you know, without anybody coming forth to talk about anything they may have seen… we won’t get anywhere!  There is no question, I would pay anything in this world to have my husband’s death accounted for!”)
Michael Boeglin’s believed to have parked his truck sometime after midnight last Thursday morning.  A neighbor tells a Detroit TV station he saw the truck on fire at about 2am.  He also says he heard gunshots about an hour earlier.

Ashley and Mike were married a year ago October.  Ashley is due to give birth to the first child in November. 

That was Mick Birge from our Media Partner NewsNow Dubois County reporting.

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