Abbey Doyle rides a camel


Not many words are needed for this latest update. I’ll just use one: Camels!

I rode a camel! In Pakistan. At the Arabian Sea.

It was an incredible experience. I’m sure we were quite the sight – a delegation of eight American journalists traipsing down the Sea View Beach in Karachi. But soon the camels, horses and dune buggies swarmed our way.

I had the opportunity to climb aboard a camel. Let me tell you, this was an experience that wasn’t lacking laughter or shrieks as the camel lumbered up and down. We were warned… It didn’t help. It still surprised (and jostled) me up.

The camel lumbered up and down the beach, at one point going into the Arabian Sea for a bit of a break.

As I’ve said time and time again over these last two weeks, I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity.

I have learned so much about the country, its people, the complicated conflicts, its history and so much more.

This example, this silly and extraordinary jaunt with the camel and then later a dune buggy, is just one of countless memories I’ve made.

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