ABC Releases Indiana Exit Polls

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ABC is reporting “preliminary” exit poll results from the Indiana primary.

Democratic Voters

The preliminary exit polls show Indiana’s Democratic primary with turnout higher than usual this year among liberals, young voters, white, and those focused on a candidate who is honest or cares about people like them.

More than seven in 10 voters are whites, and nearly half are under the age of 45.

Seven in 10 describe themselves as liberals – including three in 10 identifying as strong liberals.

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Republican Voters

Indiana Republicans are showing greater-than-average support for an outsider candidate and for deporting undocumented immigrants.

Six in 10 GOP voters say they want an outsider candidate.

Nearly half of voters favor deportation – in comparison with 41% in previous races.\

Seven in 10 say they’re very worried about the direction of the economy.

A third of GOP voters are identifying as “very” conservative, six in 10 are evangelicals, and the majority attend church weekly.

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