ACA Health Insurance Could be More Expensive Next Year


INDIANA STATEHOUSE NEWSROOM / INDIANAPOLIS — If you get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act you could be paying a lot more for insurance next year.

The jumps are significant here. Caresource Indiana went up 20 percent. Its average premium is now nearly $500.

Celtic Insurance Company went up 35 percent and the average premium also about $500.

While the Affordable Care Act has increased the number of Americans who receive health insurance critics say its unsustainable pointing to the plummeting number of providers and skyrocketing premiums.

Republican Rep. Luke Messer said it’s disappointing legislation to repeal the ACA hasn’t been able to pass through Congress. The latest failed effort, called the Graham-Cassidy bill, would have given states more flexibility on how to fund health insurance.

But estimates showed Indiana would have lots billions of dollars in federal grant funding for health care.

We asked Rep. Messer if that raised eyebrows to him, since he supported the bill.

“Look the Obamacare solution was to grab a trillion dollars and try to throw money at the healthcare problem,” he said. “I don’t think the answer to providing affordable health care to Hoosiers is throwing more money at it.”

But Messer said the push to repeal or alter the affordable care act is far from over.

President Trump announced this week he is hoping to sign an executive order soon that would allow Americans to buy insurance across state lines.          

“Should drop mandates and lower rates and give people the ability to be in charge of their own health care,” he said.

While we are still waiting for details on that potential executive order, Messer said he believes you would not need to go to a doctor in another state if that’s where you purchase your insurance.

(This story was originally published on September 29, 2017)

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