Accused Police Impersonator Arrested

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An Evansville man allegedly pretending to be a cop finds himself arrested by real cops.
Some of what the suspect said when he was arrested also has police concerned.

EPD arrested 26-year-old Derrick Thompson on charges of impersonating a police officer.
Officers say Thompson repeatedly tried to interfere with an unrelated arrest 
He also claimed to be a “moofi officer” although police aren’t sure what that means.  
Sergeant Jason Cullum was one of the arresting officers.

“Because of his insistence on being involved, he was asked to leave the area and he refused. He began to talk about how we had no jurisdiction because we were hired. We were not voted in as police officers. Some of the things that he said were consistent with the sovereign citizen movement.”

The sovereign citizen movement is a small sect of anti-government extremists.
They believe they are not subject to state and federal law.
They don’t pay taxes.
They don’t carry drivers licenses.
Sovereign citizens also engage in what’s called paper terrorism.
They will harass cops and judges by continually filing false tax liens against them.
Police say sovereign citizens can be extremely unpredictable and dangerous.

“We do have people in Evansville that are self identified as sovereign citizens. Because of their unpredictable behavior, when they deal with law enforcement or government officials, we try to make the other officers know that. What might be a reasonable conversation between you and I won’t happen with them,” said 
Sgt. Cullum.

Thompson is still being held on bond in the Vanderburgh County Jail.

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