As the area comes to grips with the reality of last month’s shooting at an Evansville Walmart, a local organization is teaching people how to react should they find themselves in an active shooter scenario.

“We come from a law enforcement background, and we wanted to provide the community an opportunity to get some realistic training on an active shooter,” says Bryan Bishop, Owner of Lawman Tactical.

Lawman Tactical held an informational class to ensure that people know how to react in these life or death situations, completely open to the public and free of charge. Instruction focused on the “Run, Hide, Fight” protocol, as well as an updated version called “Evade, Evacuate, and Defend”, and the importance of situational awareness and quick thinking in an emergency situation

“Since the Walmart incident, it became real to our local community unfortunately…We want to help give them the tools if they find themselves in that situation,” says Bishop.

Topics such as first aid and how to interact with arriving law enforcement were also reviewed throughout the discussion.

Organizers say the idea of being involved in a mass shooting is a frightening reality — but acknowledging this is a possibility and being prepared accordingly could help keep people safe.

“Being able to have that mindset going into something bad happening – I think that can be the difference between life and death,” says attendee Brandon Cason.

Lawman Tactical stresses education on these matters is critical, and that another class will be held soon for interested parties.