A probable cause affidavit was released on Friday in connection with the case of a woman’s body found at the ALCOA Soccer Fields in Warrick County. The affidavit is revealing more information about the case and what led up to the arrest of 22-year-old Isaiah Hagan, the man accused of murder in 20-year-old Halee Rathgeber’s death.

According to the affidavit, the body was found on the morning of April 24 just inside a walk-through opening in a fence with a blue, Comfort Bay brand towel found next to the body. The body was later identified as Halee Rathgeber.

Isaiah Hagan faces charges of murder, robbery, and obstruction of justice in connection with the case.

According to the affidavit, detectives learned that Hagan had been with Rathgeber the evening before her body was found. He had also allegedly told friends that he had given Rathgeber a ride to a park in Newburgh.

Hagan reportedly contacted the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office on the evening of April 24 and stated that he had driven Rathgeber to the Newburgh Lock and Dam. He allegedly told detectives that she gave him ‘like $200’ that she owed him.

Hagan allegedly told authorities that Rathgeber had her cell phone, keys and wallet in her possession when she exited his car when she left to wait on a ride from an unknown person who had not yet arrived.

Authorities obtained a search warrant for cell phone data which revealed that Hagan and Rathgeber had traveled together to the ALCOA Soccer Fields on the evening of April 23. A separate search was also issued for Isaiah Hagan’s phone. According to the affidavit, the search revealed a series of messages between Hagan and his father. At 11:11 p.m., Hagan’s father allegedly asked, “Got the money yet?” Isaiah allegedly replied, “Waiting for her to get off but I’m getting it for sure.” Then, Isaiah allegedly added, “I’ll leave it in that box on the counter if you’re already asleep when I get back.” His father then allegedly replied that he’s leaving the house at 7:30 and will need the money by then.

Through interviews, authorities said they learned that Hagan owed Rathgeber $600 that she had loaned him or that he had taken from her. In his own interviews, he allegedly admitted that he had written two checks on her account, each for $300, with her permission. One of those checks was returned for insufficient funds, according to the affidavit.

According to the affidavit, witnesses claimed that Hagan had been stealing items from roommates and selling those items at pawn shops in the area. The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office has recently investigated Hagan for theft and the office reportedly told authorities in Warrick County that criminal charges would be requested in that case.

In subsequent interviews with Hagan, the affidavit says that Hagan eventually told detectives that he gave a ride to the ALCOA Soccer Fields and admitted that he had her cell phone all night and threw it out of the window of his car the following morning because he was scared. Hagan allegedly said he returned to Rathgeber’s apartment in the early morning hours of April 24 where he entered her car to look for concert tickets. Hagan allegedly told authorities she had given him some money to sell some concert tickets she had. Surveillance footage from the apartment shows Hagan entering her car around 5:10 a.m. In the hours that followed, Hagan allegedly contacted friends of Rathgeber to try to obtain information for a person that was going to purchase concert tickets for $265 each.

On April 28, authorities executed a search warrant at the home where Hagan lives with his parents. In the home, authorities said they found two towels that matched the one found at the scene.

Additionally, when authorities were interviewing Hagan’s parents, the parents allegedly said a 9mm Hi-Point handgun was missing from the home.

Authorities say Hagan had recently been notified of collections action being taken against him for a student loan for over $5,000. When Hagan arrived home on the morning of April 24, he allegedly placed $210 on the kitchen counter with a note acknowledging that he still owed $90. The money was going towards $300 that his father had loaned him and needed repayment for.

According to authorities, Rathgeber’s wallet was found on Wednesday evening along SR 66 near Old Stonehouse Dr. Authorities say there was no cash left in the wallet, but there were some coins.

During an interview on April 29, Hagan allegedly told authorities he felt responsible for Rathgeber’s death. Initially, Hagan allegedly told authorities he wanted to tell more about what happened but he was scared of going to prison. After meeting with family and an attorney, and agreeing to provide more information, Hagan was arrested on preliminary charges of murder, robbery, and obstruction of justice. The affidavit does not provide details on what exactly Hagan told authorities prior to his arrest.

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