Aleah Beckerle’s Cousin Arrested



The man allegedly confined and beaten into a false confession in the case of Aleah Beckerle identified two other people allegedly involved in his confinement.

Donna Robertson and James Wilson, Jr. have been identified by the victim as confining him for about six hours on July 21 with Debra Wollner. Wollner has already been arrested.

Robertson allegedly beat the victim with her fists on the right side of his face. Wilson allegedly put gloves on and punched and kicked the victim in the head.

Original Story

The cousin of missing 19-year-old Aleah Beckerle is arrested on battery and criminal confinement charges.

Donna Robertson, 52,  was in a relationship with Debra Wollner, 51, the woman who police say held James Martin against his will and beat him into lying about his involvement with the disappearance of Beckerle. 

Martin told police he was held against his will by at least two people for several hours on July 21. During his alleged confinement in 1100 block of N 3rd, Wollner allegedly beat the man with a metal pipe. 

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