Aleah Search Group Tunes Out Distractions


It’s been almost four weeks since 19-year-old Aleah Beckerle went missing.

Despite the developments of the past week, volunteers remain steadfast, and again searched Saturday.

“We will find her. We will find her. If she’s out there, we will find her,” said Otis Pruitt.

Pruitt took over the responsibility of leading the search party after Texas EquuSearch left town.

“It needed organization. Ever since EquuSearch left, there’s been a lot of miscommunication. There’s been a lot of different things going on with the actual missing persons case itself, and they needed leadership. That’s all I’m here for. I’m here to find Aleah,” Pruitt said.

Pruitt led his team from the command post into the Henderson woods, while trying to tune out what he calls distractions.

First came the arrest of Debra Wollner.

A week later came the arrest of her girlfriend and cousin of Aleah Beckerle, Donna Robertson.

Both women were allegedly involved in the savage beating of a man to coerce a false confession that was recorded.

The case has had it’s twists and turns, but Pruitt tries to keep the search on the straight and narrow.

“You just got to stay positive. You have to stay positive about this. I mean there is a lot of, you know, drama and stuff. I’m not gonna speak on that case. I’m not part of the family. I don’t know the family. That’s all them. We’re out here searching to find Aleah,” Pruitt said.

The search resumes Sunday morning, and will be meeting at the command post located near the corner of Garvin and East Iowa.

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