Alhambra Development Still in Neutral


The revival of an Evansville landmark is still in gridlock.

Amid the Haynie’s Corner “First Friday” block party, questions still surround the old neighborhood cornerstone – the Alhambra Theatre.

Behind the beauty of a renovated exterior, the crown jewel is only a jewel on the outside.

The exterior was renovated with federal money to shore up the foundation.

“The inside is pretty stripped,” says Joshua Armstrong, President-Elect of the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana.

Armstrong says there is little original material left inside, along with seemingly little direction of what its future may hold.

“First we need to understand what the intended use is, and then there’s a wide range,” Armstrong adds.

For nearly 60 years, Alhambra has only been a shell of its former self, now closed longer than it was an operating theater.

The Alhambra board is working with contractors and expects to have more answers on its future by the end of the summer, including ways to find millions of dollars to return the gem to its former glory.

The board will decide what should happen, or if anything should happen.

Most say they would be happy to see it become something, whether it’s an art gallery, office space, or a theater once again.

Armstrong says the priority of may neighbors is simply getting it open.

The goal: turning a piece of work into a masterpiece.

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