All Hands On Deck At Grandview Fire

All Hands On Deck At Grandview Fire_800976714653451921

Helping hands. Hundreds of volunteers come together to provide assistance following a deadly fire. The remnants of Sunday’s fire at Grandview Tower Apartments are still evident as many people are are unable to go home. But throughout the disarray and sadness comes help, as hundreds of emergency responders and community organizations unite. Help is defined as to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish or satisfy a need. But for those helping at Grandview Tower, they say words aren’t enough to express the kindness during a time of need. Fear, uncertainty, chaos, words to describe the scene at Grandview Tower  Sunday evening. But out of fear comes support and comfort. Kim Merkel with Comaier Services took three company vans to Grandview and transported victims and family members. She wasn’t alone. Helping the elderly and those with special needs at Grandview is a collective effort. Dozens of volunteers, eight METS buses, AMR staff these are just a few of the helping hands. It’s faith that guides residents, and a sense of reward for those who provided a few moments of sanity. Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke sends his condolences to the family of Gwendolyn Hunt, the one fatality from Sunday’s fire. He goes on to say in a release; “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our first responders and the American Red Cross for their quick response to blaze. Firefighters arrived on the scene within minutes, preventing the fire from causing greater damage. If you’d like to help those suffering from the Grandview fire here are ways to donate.

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