STURGIS, Ky. (WEHT)- The city of Sturgis, Kentucky has been plagued with debt.
And now, it’s without a mayor or a city council.

On Monday night–Mayor Kent Sayle announced his resignation, effective immediately. Fast forward, just two days later, all five council members resigned together at 4:05 Wednesday afternoon.

This leaves the city without key elected officials. So, what does this mean for Sturgis?
Judge Executive Adam O’Nan wants to make it clear that the resignation of the city’s council members does not mean he is taking over. He says he will continue to support the city as he always has and will work closely alongside the next council, “I want to assure the people of Sturgis that services will be made, you’re going to have your water. The county stays poised and ready to help, whenever that time may come”.

Now former council member, Peter Van, says the council’s resignations have been a long time coming. He says he’s had his personal resignation letter written since July.
Van says, “It has been brought to my attention since Monday night’s meeting, that things had to change…and for things to change, we needed to step down. Moving forward, Sturgis is going to be better. and I have to believe that it is, because of what we did today”.

He says there was a severe lack of transparency–which added fuel to the fire.
Van tells us, “To be successful, you have to share information. And information initially was there, and then it started drying up…that left us many times blindsided at city council meetings. It made es look inept and it was embarrassing”.

O’Nan says they’re planning to announce a town hall meeting for early September, as open communication is something he promises to Sturgis. He says he hopes that Sturgis’ future administrations will take a more hands on and transparent approach.

Judge Executive Adam O’Nan tells Eyewitness News it will be business as usual, come the 2024 elections, next November.