American Legion Riders Stop in Evansville


The roar from hundreds of motorcycle engines filled the streets of southern Indiana for a good cause Sunday.

The American Legion Riders made their first stop in Evansville one of many stops on their American Legion Legacy Run.

Around 400 riders embarked on 1,300-mile journey that has stops in 7 states, and ultimately culminates at the American Legion National Convention in Cincinnati.

It’s a tradition that has grown for 11 years.

“What a concept that we’ve got with this Legacy Ride, getting veterans who share a common love of riding motorcycles and helping veterans and people in need. What a great combination,” said American Legion National Commander Dale Barnett.

Along the way, riders are raising money for the Legacy Scholarship, which helps the families of fallen and disabled veterans.

“We got a goal this year of 1 to 1.5 million dollars, and I know they’re going to make it because good people will be giving us contribution along the way, as well as all these riders have been raising money,” Barnett said.

Riders on the Legacy Run come from all walks of life, including a 90-year-old World War II veteran.

“Well, I started riding a 1943 Harley when I was still in the Marine Corps. Then, I got out and married a wife, and kept the wife, and got rid of the motorcycle. When I was 71, she bought me a brand new red Road King. So I’ve been riding ever since,” Bruce Heilman said.

He’s covered all 50 states, including his past two years with Legacy Run.

“It’s something that I want to do and I’m able to do it, so i do it. I learned that, we got lots of military folks around here, when I was 17 I joined the marines. They taught me what now means, and from then on, I decided to do whatever I want to do, and do it now, and I like to ride motorcycles,” Heilman said.

The legacy run will include stops in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama.

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