AmeriCorps teams up with Habitat for Humanity in Evansville



It may be a hot and humid summer, but these students came to work. Volunteers from AmeriCorps are in Evansville partnering with the local Habitat for Humanity to build houses on the city’s north side.

AmeriCorps is a federal organization where generally, members commit to a year of service giving back to communities across the nation.

“This is the first time AmeriCorps has only had a team for the summer – it’s called ‘Summer of Service,'” said Tayana Bennett, AmeriCorps volunteer from Pennsylvania.

This crew of volunteer college students, many of whom have no prior experience constructing homes, were wanting to learn new skills.

“I think this is a great opportunity to find out exactly what niche you kind of fit in. So you get to learn new skills, you get to meet new people, you get to network, and you get to work with a bunch of different nonprofits in different towns that you may have otherwise not been to in your entire life,” said volunteer Ariana Brady.

Bennett said they start work every day around 6:30 in the morning with new tasks in hand. Currently they’re working on their third house with plans of finishing four before they leave Evansville at the end of the month.

Serving with AmeriCorps not only benefits the volunteer themselves, but greatly helps families in need by creating a better environment for them to live. AmeriCorps and Habitat for Humanity are always looking for more hands on deck to assist with these projects.

“Get ready to get your hands dirty and work in your communities ’cause it’s a lot of hard work.” said Bennett.

Families in need will soon be welcomes into their new homes, making all of the blood, sweat and tears put into construction all worth it.

If you are interested in volunteering for AmeriCorps, head to their website.

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