EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – EVSC School Board Member Amy Word appeared in court on Thursday. She was ordered back in court in January.

Word was arrested in July after a lengthy narcotics investigation that took place on Franklin street. According to EPD, this investigation led to the arrest of 22 people, and the confiscation of over 1700 grams of Marijuana, over 100 grams of hallucinogenic drugs, about 10 grams of Meth, over 3 grams of Fentanyl, over 1100 grams of Cocaine, and various other narcotics and pills. Along with the narcotics that were seized, over $43,000 and 17 illegal guns were also seized by police.

While no drugs were found on her at the time of her arrest, investigators believe that Word was aware of drug distribution taking place at her business, Lamasco Bar and Grill. She was charged with maintaining a common nuisance and was booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail, but was later released on bond.

Amy released this statement on her Facebook page in regards to the case:

“This is the only statement we will make at this time, as my attorney intends to have this matter heard in a court of law and not the media or public opinion.

In an effort to provide clarity to the situation, we have outlined the following key facts about the events:

  • The search of Lamasco Bar and Grill did NOT yield drugs, money, or firearms. None of the drugs, money or firearms reportedly recovered in the investigation were found in Lamasco Bar.
  • other than ONE Lamasco employee, who was arrested for possession, NONE of the 22 people involved with the broader investigation were or ever have been employees of Lamasco Bar and Grill. Aside from me and the driver of my vehicle, none of the other 20 arrests by the JTF over the weekend involved Lamasco employees.
  • Traffic stop was for unlicensed vehicle. According to the officer that pulled me over, he noticed that the plate on my jeep was expired. To reiterate, after several hours of an exhaustive search of the vehicle, no evidence of illegal drugs were found, except for those found on Mr. Clark’s person.
  • Never stated drugs exist in Lamasco safe. Contrary to police reports, I never stated that drugs existed in a Lamasco safe, nor anywhere else at Lamasco.”

Judge Trockman has since recused himself from the case, and the case is now in Circuit Court. Word entered an initial plea of not guilty at her first hearing and her attorney has filed a request for a change of venue.

Word has since taken voluntary leave of absence from the EVSC board.