EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)– Pipes are bursting, flooding buildings, and even caused one apartment complex to shut water off completely. That is what people at Addison Place Apartments were dealing with, until today.

“My friend that I live with cooked a big dinner for his family here and then the water went off,” says Kevin Roach, who lives in the complex.

He says after a pipe burst on Christmas Eve, he and nearly 300 other tenants were left without water.

“One of my friends in one of the buildings down the way says that his apartment got flooded when the pipes burst. He was told to go get a Shop-Vac.,” he says.

For the past few days, he and his neighbor, Dana Smith, were forced to fill up bottles at work and haul water by the gallon up the stairs.

“I just had to order pizza even though my fridge and freezer are full. I should be able to cook, but I just had to order $45 worth of pizza because I cannot wash dishes,” she says.

Some residents say they were going outside to get enough snow to fill their bathtub. When it melted, they used it to flush toilets.

“A handful of us were literally out scooping snow,” she says.

Both Roach and Smith say they are frustrated with the lack of communication between them and the apartment complex.

“It has gone from annoyance to just a ridiculous situation,” they say.

“Monarch Investment and Management Group” owns the complex and says that water is back on and residents will receive rent credit for any days without water. However, some residents tell us they are still without water. We are working to get more information.