Apollo powerlifters out muscling the competition


Two Apollo athletes have out muscled their competition in the past Kentucky state powerlifting tournament. Senior, DC Boone, set a state record for a 475 pound bench press, while sophomore, Raylee Estes, earned first with a 95 pound bench press and 100 pound power clean. Each said, their thrilled to compete at a high level. Both Boone and Estes agree.

“What’s more fun than having roughly 500 pounds in your hand and saying you are able to push that off your chest. I have fun doing it and I’m actually pretty good at doing it so to me, there’s no pressure at all because it’s just you versus yourself when you get on that platform, so as long as you set that goal you set for yourself, whether its a record or not,  you still did what you needed to do.

“It pushes me to do more because I want to more state titles. I’ve been doing weights since 8th grade and it’s a big stress reliever and I’ve gotten into it and I’ve gotten determined and coach Matthews wanted me to go to state.”

The pair began their powerlifting career just as an interest. It’s now turned into more than a hobby, a competition to be the best. Boone explains he wants to keep improving in this area.

“It really just started because I had to do it for football and then about a year and a half ago, so halfway through junior year, I just started increasing a lot.”

The Eagle athletes believe their coach, Tyler Matthews, has helped them every step of the way, stepping up to be a role model in their lives.  Raylee estes agrees about the father-like figure.

“He’s like a big dad, a big coach dad. He always know what your capable of and pushes you past that point.”

While Apollo’s coach, Tyler Matthews is proud of their work and cares about them too.

“Oh I love them, every kid that puts in the work, and trains hard, I love them like my own kid.They brought the juice everyday. All I showed them how to do was move a barbell correctly.”

DC Boone is eying a national record in late June. He wants to compete in Columbus, Ohio and try to set the world recrod for his age group.

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(This story was originally published on April 20, 2019)

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