Arkansas and Indiana Seek to Clarify Laws

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The political scramble is on Thursday morning as Indiana and Arkansas lawmakers work to fix controversial religious freedom laws following a nationwide backlash.

Indiana Statehouse Republicans are expected to announce that fix later Thursday morning.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers will meet this morning to debate a bill clarifying the law’s meaning.

Opponents say since the state doesn’t have an anti-discrimination law protecting sexual orientation under this new law, businesses would have been allowed to turn away gay and lesbian customers.

The owners of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana say they wouldn’t do that, but they would refuse to cater a gay wedding.

Defenders of the restaurant started a GoFundMe page that has already raised more than $40,000 for the pizza shop owners.

Hoping to avoid a similar controversy, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has refused to sign a similar bill.

He has asked for changes to the legislation calling the issue divisive across generations, even in his own family.

The CEO of Walmart, one of Arkansas’ largest employers, is also speaking out. He is saying the bill as it is currently written “threatens to undermine the spirit of inclusion.”

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