Evansville, Ind. (WEHT)– Hundreds of Astound customers in the Evansville, including businesses, are still reporting internet and phone outages.

Zac and Jessica Parsons own Honey Moon and get their internet through Astound, formerly known as ‘WOW!’ They say they learned about the outage yesterday when an employee was trying to clock in. After hearing that the employee had trouble serving the first customer, they called Astound Customer Support.

“We were on with support for about 90 minutes, or on hold, and gave up when I realized it wasn’t going to be able to be fixed quickly,” Zac Parsons said.

Honey Moon processes all of their payments online. Today, they had to change the way they give receipts.

“It just had to become manual process, there is an opportunity to make mistakes, and it just adds another layer of stress for everybody,” he said,

Students are also flooding into their Weinbach Avenue location ahead of graduation ceremonies and finals.

“Graduation and Mother’s Day are this weekend, two of our biggest days at Weinbach,” Jessica Parsons said.

The outage is not only impacting restaurants. The Vanderburgh Humane Society is in the middle of an adoption event.

“We couldn’t process as many adoptions as we hoped to and we were all just working from a hotspot, one little tablet. It slowed our business down tremendously,” said Laurie Byers with the Vanderburgh Humane Society,

The shelter also gets their phone service through Astound and can’t get calls.

“Mainly just having our phone lines down is difficult,” she said.

A spokesperson with Astound Broadband said they first began receiving outage reports earlier this week. According to a statement, it is due to “An unexpected glitch occurred on our servers which prevented some customer equipment from being properly recognized on our network…”

“…Restoration of services began yesterday, and many customers affected are back online.”

The company also says they are communicating with affected customer directly and will credit them for the duration of the outage.