ATV Accident Paralyzes Woman’s Left Arm


July 27, 1994 is a day Amy Davis’ life flashed before her eyes.

“I never would have thought in my life that I wouldn’t have two arms and I took having two arms for granted and being able to use both of them,” said Amy Davis.

Amy was just 13 when she climbed on the back of a four wheeler with her friend. Her friend lost control of the ATV and both girls landed in an 8 ft. ditch. Amy hit a tree and the ATV landed on top of her. Both girls were in the ditch for two hours before they were found.

“I broke my back, stretched my spinal cord, punctured both my lungs, shattered my left wrist and broke my scapula and collar bone,” said Davis.

It was a 20 minute ride, resulting in Amy’s left arm paralyzed.

“My mom had told me, ‘Amy can you wiggle your fingers’ and I said, ‘Put my arm back on,” said Davis.

Even after therapy, Amy is not able to do day-to-day tasks without excruciating pain.

“I can bend my fingers just a little bit like this but I can’t straighten them whatsoever. I can bend it from the nerve transplant and I can hold something for maybe a minute or two, but then it starts hurting and I can’t. So, I don’t do a lot with it,” said Davis.

She says a helmet saved her life. She has had ten surgeries and says the pain still won’t go away.

“Everyday is different, but there is pain everyday,” said Davis.

It will be 21 years since the accident this July. The accident has left Amy questioning why children are allowed to operate these machines.

“Why does a child need to have a four wheeler? It’s like the bigger the better,” said Davis.  

Amy remembers that day with tears in her eye, but tears of hope. She hopes those watching see her pain and realize ATV’s aren’t toys.

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