Evansville, Ind. (WEHT) — People with ATV’s are venturing out looking for a thrill, but some places ban these off-road vehicles. Angel Mounds Historical site is still looking for people that recently raced down their trails on four wheelers.

Volunteers were out working on trails on Sunday afternoon when four people on ATVs zoomed past them. But Angel Mounds Site Manager Mike Linderman says those weren’t the only vehicles that left tracks on the trail.

“There were four wheelers, dirt bikes, and even a go-kart apparently,” he said.

Linderman says he rushed over to the trail, but it was to late. The culprits only left behind tracks.

“There wasn’t much damage from the incident. But if it was wetter back there, it probably could have been worse,” he said.

Angel Mounds has seen a spike in motorized vehicle complaints in recent weeks. Linderman says this happens when the weather warms up.

“I have been here for 25 years and I see it sporadically out here,” he said.

ATV’s are banned at the historic site. The trails are narrow and Linderman says it poses a safety concern.

“It’s a public safety hazard to have vehicles like these on trails that are made for hiking, walking, and biking,” he said.

Officials have received multiple tips on who these individuals could be and have been in contact with Indiana Conservation Officers.