Ball State professor discusses President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee


(WEHT) — Following President Donald Trump’s nomination of Federal Appeals Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Ball State political science professor Dr. Chad Kinsella joined Noah Alatza to weigh in on what her nomination means for the Supreme Court.


Noah Alatza: Chad Kinsella, a Ball State political science professor joins us now. Chad obviously we’re talking about the Supreme Court choice. President Trump a little bit earlier on Saturday. What does President Trump’s choice of Judge Amy Coney Barrett really mean? I mean, if she’s confirmed, what would that mean for the court?

Chad Kinsella: What will probably happen is it will switch the court, you know, continuously more to more conservative. And I think that that was the goal of really any republican president. So that’s, that’s probably what’s gonna happen. There’s no guarantee how she’ll rule on certain things. But it would seem likely that it will switch the, you know, push the court further to the right and more conservative.

Noah: And Chad is there any significance to her being from Indiana?

Chad: Well, it’ll probably help that she’s, you know, I think she’s originally from Louisiana. But again, she’s a Notre Dame law grad, she was a professor at Notre Dame. So she’s Midwestern Roman Catholic, so it checks, you know, some key boxes, you know, some key constituencies that that President Trump really needs to, bring over to his camp in order to win the presidential election for sure.

Noah: Right. And obviously, this election year we’re in right now. But what what effect will this have? And maybe talk about what precedent, what history maybe shows us?

Chad: It will be interesting, and there’s been a lot of arguments, especially by Democrats, they’re not real happy, they wanted to wait until the election was over to to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the court. But given you know, it’s going to be a very close presidential election, the Senate is definitely in play, and it’s actually looking more favorable for Democrats. So it makes sense, you know, for Republicans to go ahead and do that. Now, It’ll be interesting to see how the public you know, views that and, you know, if they are not happy about that, there could be an electoral price to pay for pushing this through so quickly.
Noah: And how long could the confirmation process take?

Chad: I think they’re going to make it as fast as they possibly can. And, you know, it could probably take I would imagine at least a week or two, I think, and again, they’re gonna try to move this really, really fast. And have this all totally done, you know, before the election is is upon us. They’ll move fast.

Noah: Well, Chad, thank you so much for your time this evening. We really do appreciate it.

Chad: My pleasure. Thank you for having me.

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(This story was originally published on September 27, 2020)

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