A did you know drinking water that’s too cold when it’s too hot outside could be dangerous?

Friday, the heat index was only in the upper 90s, but it’s still hot enough to get overworked and want an ice-cold water. Doctors warn you should be careful.

Football practice will be starting up before long and anyone else who’s working hard outside this summer needs to be careful about drinking water that’s too cold because it can cause you to pass out.

Evansville Doctor David Schultz says it’s easy to become overheated with the record temperatures we’ve had across the Tri-State.

People who may be experiencing heat exhaustion should consider drinking water that’s closer to room temperature.

“The cold ice water gets into the esophagus and the stomach, and there are nerves along the esophagus and stomach known as the vagus nerves,” Dr. Schultz explains. “These nerves can fire up, send a signal to the brain and actually cause an individual to pass out and lose consciousness briefly.”

Dr. Schultz says ice water burns more calories than room temperature water and it can also constrict blood vessels, which could make it harder to hydrate.

You don’t have to drink hot water when you’re overheated, just be careful you don’t drink ice cold water too fast.

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(This story was originally published July 6, 2018)