Beals busy getting back to normal after flood


It didn’t take long for people in Beals, Kentucky to get to work.

Buckets, brooms, mops, and vacuums are tools of the trade for now, in this rural town situated on the Green River floodplain in Henderson County.

The small community has dealt with floods before, and they’ve have had to deal with big clean-ups too. Thankfully, there’s a lot of help to go around.

Flood water has damaged homes and ruined roads across the Tri-State, and the headache for many only now begins. But for some, as the water washed away, so did their worry.

With a little bit of elbow grease, and a whole lot of love a symbol of hope is brought back to life. On the edge of a shovel, with the help of a few good hands, Beals Pentecostal Church is almost back to normal.

“The floor bubbled up here where the water was,” says Jake Snow. He’s peeling up bits of paint from the concrete floor. “We got a lot of good people here, everybody pitches in when needed.”

“It was disappointing when I walked in and saw all the mud because we had just finished up painting last fall,” says Pastor Barry Skaggs.

The church’s efforts to save any effort Monday went largely ignored last week by mother nature. Sandbags piled around the perimeter of the church were consumed by flood water, which rose almost 5 feet into the basement.

Skaggs doesn’t expect there to be any problems a bottle of Pine-Sol can’t fix. With a little bit more clean-up the church expects to be open for service and Sunday school this week.

“People down the road, they lost a lot more than we have here,” Skaggs says, “they lost furniture and houses, so we’re blessed.”

Scrubbing floors and walls isn’t how anyone wants to spend a Monday. But there’s nowhere else they would rather be. “We’re a close-knit church,” echoes Snow.

Where do they turn in a time like this? The same place where it all started, of course. They look up.

“That’s where we get our strength,” Skaggs adds. “Without God, I don’t know how people make it.”

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(This story was originally published March 5, 2018)

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