Beware of the “Can You Hear Me?” Scam


Another phone scam warning has made its way to the Tristate.

With this one, you can become a victim just by answering the phone.

Officials with the Tristate Better Business Bureau are now getting complaints about the “Can You Hear Me?” scam.

The caller apparently asks a random question such as, “can you hear me okay?” and when you respond yes, they record your answer.

They then use that recorded response to sign you up for something you never wanted in the first place.

The Better Business Bureau advises that if you get a strange call from a number you do not know, just hang up.

Also, avoid saying things like “yes, sure or okay.”

If you are asked to press a button to be placed on the do not call registry, don’t press it. That helps the scam artist identify that you have an active phone number.

Lastly, report scam calls to the BBB so it can make others aware of what is happening.

If you need to report a call or would like more information, click here.

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