Bill for Sunday Alcohol Sales in Indiana is Dead


The bill to allow Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana is dead for this session.

It was pulled before any votes could even take place Tuesday at the State House.

The bill’s author says he did not have enough support to get the measure passed.

The House had been expected to take a final vote to over turn the state’s ban on Sunday sales.

Last week a number of the House members debated some proposed changes to the bill.

Some of the changes included, a requirement for drug and grocery stores to sell all hard liquor behind the counter, and to display beer and wine in one area of the store.

Representatives for both retailers and package liquor stores are disappointed with the developments.

“Let us do on Sunday what we’re already doing responsibly six days a week. And it’s regrettable that Rep. Dermody then cluttered up the bill with the liquor stores’ wish lists.”

said, Patrick Tamm of the Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers

“We’re disappointed that big box and national dollars have really come in and tried to deregulate the sale of alcohol in the State of Indiana. Everything that was contained in 1624 we supported. We have always been concerned about Sunday sales but there was great public policy.”

Sunday sales could be inserted into another piece of legislation but even supporters do not expect that to happen.

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