EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — As summer vacation draws to a close for most students across the Tristate, families of Indiana students will have one less fee to pay.

“Looking forward to our families not having to worry about this; school districts have been told there will be a reimbursement process,” says Jason Woebkenberg, Chief Communications Officer for EVSC.

The new bill signed into law requires all Indiana Public Schools to provide textbooks free of charge. Many school corporations are waiving instructional and extracurricular fees as well.

“Definitely a win for families, they won’t have to worry about those textbook bills coming at the beginning of the school year like has happened for many, many years. Along with that will be some additional instructional fees being eliminated, so it should remove a layer of stress, hopefully for families during this busy time,” says Woebkenberg

EVSC and Warrick County Schools are two of the corporations waiving the fees.

“We’re excited in Warrick County, to both just give our families a little relief, from an expense that they sometimes worry about or have to budget for, more money to use for something else, so we are excited for them in terms of that,” says Abbie Redmon, Superintendent of Warrick County Schools.

One parent told Eyewitness News that “This was a great decision” that “…helps make approaching the year a little easier.”

“The parent reaction has been great – and we’re actually thrilled that we’re able to work with our families, and we’re in a situation so they don’t have to incur these kinds of costs,” says Redmon.

The funds became available after a line item was added to the state budget for a total of $160 million a year to take care of this critical need.