Bizarre Act at Owensboro Car Wash


An odd case in Owensboro where a car wash owner is left frustrated after she found out someone has been doing more than washing cars at the business.

Surveillance video from the Soak-N-Wet Car Wash locations at Frederica St. and New Hartford Rd. shows a man using the bathrom inside a wash bay and on the side of the car wash. Both bathroom trips happened on Tuesday morning.

Co-owner Becky Whittinghill says she saw the man earlier that day before his breaks took place. Whittinghill posted the surveillance video on Facebook asking for these acts to stop.

“This was more frustration,” said Whittinghill. “I wanted to post it because it needs to stop. For the shock that he had done in in both places in the same morning and for the frustration that others come and try to do the same thing.”

Whittinghill says she’ll continue to monitor surveillance video for any future incidents.

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