(WEHT) – Attention all cat-lovers! October 27 is National Black Cat Day. Now you may ask why there is a day just for black cats. The reason behind creating the day was to reduce the superstitions and stigmas surrounding them.

Cat’s Protection, a UK cat welfare charity created National Black Cat Day in 2011 to help get them adopted just as easily as any other cat.

Black cats have plenty of myths about them. Everyone has heard the myth about a black cat crossing your path. They are falsely believed to bring bad luck and less friendly than their lighter-coated siblings. Reports say the superstition actually goes back to the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. People believed the cats were witches in disguise and often killed them alongside accused witches.

Now that superstition leads to bad luck…. for black cats at least. Black cats are less likely to be adopted and are more likely to be abused especially around Halloween.

However, since the creation of National Black Cat Day in 2011, it seems adoption rates for the dark colored kitties have risen.

Many people still celebrate this day by sharing pictures of their cats on social media, educating people on the reality of owning a black cat or donating to various animal shelters to help them out.

How do you celebrate? Show us your black cats at #WEHTBlackcats