Department of Natural Resource investigators say they may never know what happened to Joshua Varner, 33, and his 4 year-old daughter, Vivian.

They died in an apparent kayaking accident Thursday night in Warrick County.

Rescuers found their overturned kayak about 500 yards from the boat ramp at Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife Area around 7:30 p.m.

Joshua and Vivian were found in the water on the east side of the bay.

“It hurts,” said fisherman Tim Patrick. “Especially when it’s a child that young.”

It’s a dark day on the water, and hard for Conservation officers to comprehend.

“You’re talking about a very benign activity, come out have fun on the water, kayak, and everybody intends to go back home,” said Lt. Duane Englert with DNR. “That certainly didn’t happen last night.”

The news hits hard for Patrick and his wife, Merry. Weight at the end of their fishing lines is little heavier.

“Pray that god helps them through this rough time.”

Investigators believe Joshua had been kayaking at the Bluegrass pit before, but say he was not an expert. The water is 55 degrees and DNR thinks that was a factor in the accident.

“Water is ready for you to be in it, but you go to be prepared to be in it if you would happen to fall overboard,” Englert said.

Joshua and Vivan were found in the water without life jackets. One life jacket for a small adult was found in the kayak.

Conservation officers say you can’t predict when an accident will happen. It can take as little as a gust of wind or wake the wrong way to tip over.

The pain Tim feels can’t compare to that of rescuers, which is nothing compared to pain the family feels. Their only consolation is faith.

“God will take take care of them,” Patrick said. “He’ll see them through. Just have faith that god is going to take away your tears.”

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This story was originally published on April 5, 2019