The W.C. Handy Blues Festival in downtown Henderson is a hit, despite soggy conditions Thursday afternoon.

The show goes on, in more ways than one.

It’s barbecue and blues; magic and milkshakes.

Norris Priest is a man with a plan, hailing customers to the Java Shakes booth.

“Tell me what you want and we’ll get to working on it!” he yells across the street.

It’s the southern charm that draws you in.

“We’re making java shakes! And they’re really good!”

And the magic tricks, like a disappearing pocket knife and reappearing silver dollars, keeps you coming back.

“I’ve been doing magic all my life,” Priest says, “It’s a big hobby with me.”

But what’s a blues fest without Cajun?

Across the street from Priest is Josh Hein, manning the barbecue pit.

“With an atmosphere like this you just gotta have something to fill your belly.”

He’s been grilling sausages at the Handy Fest for 3 years, and every year it gets bigger, better, and bolder.

“When you bite into that andouille, you get the meat, then that spice just kicks in, pops you in the mouth.”

And if you need a cool down? You know right where to go.

All the money raised at these booths goes toward the W.C. Handy Festival to keep the oncert series free.