Body Camera Video from Former Providence PD Officer Released


A follow-up to a controversial arrest. A police officer is off the force, and charges dropped against a man tazed in his own home.

Newly released body camera video shows the incident between former Providence Police Officer Will Dukes, and a Webster County man, Jeffrey Littlepage. Dukes is under investigation for his actions during the arrest last May.

The body cam footage, released after charges were dropped against Littlepage, show the two moments dukes confronted him on May 25th of last year.

It started around 11:00 PM that night when dukes stopped Littlepage on Barnhill Road outside Providence, when Dukes told him to leave the area. Records show Littlepage called Providence City Dispatch and Kentucky State Police in between the time of the first and second encounter. Littlepage wanted to file a complain, but court records show he was told by Dukes to call back during business hours. Body cam footage shows dukes arriving at Littlepage’s home, telling him he’s under arrest. While in the home, Littlepage was tazed after he told dukes he wasn’t going to lie down on the floor.

The charges against Littlepage have since been dropped. Dukes resigned from the police department last month. attorneys say the FBI is still investigating the matter.

Littlepage’s attorney, Amelia Zachary, declined to comment on camera, but she did say she plans to file a civil suit related to the incident. We also reached out to city attorney Ben Leonard and Webster County Attorney Clint Prow, but both also declined our requests.

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