After decades a Warrick County favorite, Mr. Gatti’s Pizza in Boonville, announced it will close.

Pizza is in the name, but it’s the game room that people of all ages told Eyewitness News they’re going to miss. 

Driving by Mr.Gatti’s for some is just passing by another restaurant, but for others it’s a local spot full of some of their favorite memories. 

“We’ve been coming here about 27 years,” said Kristi Held, “It’s been apart of our family for a long time.”

“Probably around eight or nine years,” said Corey Cameron, “It’s a pretty big staple of my childhood.”

“I like to come here a lot and spend my tickets on stuff and it was fun,” said Jake Spindler. 

Last Saturday management shared the news through a Facebook post announcing their closing on the 21st after being unable to reach an agreement with their corporation.

“I would always come with my sister when she was still around here. We’d always play skee ball and air hockey over there and we had a joint ticket account with 10,000 tickets,” said Cameron. 

“It’s sad, it’s sad to see it go because it’s been an area that you could always bring the kids and let them play in a safe environment and also have a good meal and so forth. It’s sad to see it close down,” said Held. 

Whether it’s the place you celebrated your tenth birthday, watched your child play one too many rounds of skee ball or ate more than you could handle, everyone says nothing will ever be quite like Mr.Gatti’s. 

“There’s no other place to play games in Boonville like Gattis… and I’m gonna miss it,” said Brylee Butts. 

The last day is this Sunday.

(This article was originally published October 15, 2018)

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