‘Bored’ kids accused of burning, vandalizing elderly cancer patient’s home


GRADY COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A group of “bored” juveniles face charges after they allegedly burned down an Oklahoma woman’s home, according to investigators.

Sally, 72, has lived in Grady County for decades.

“She called it her cabin,” said Mindy, describing her mom’s home. The family asked KFOR to withhold their last names due to privacy concerns.

But Sally was torn away from her home for her health. She’s battled liposarcoma for nearly a year, splitting time living with family in Oklahoma City, and life-saving treatment in Houston.

“MD Anderson, where she’s had multiple procedures and surgeries trying to remove tumors,” said Mindy.

After months of being away, Sally was understandably excited to visit home.

That excitement, however, turned to dread when she and Mindy stopped by the cabin to pick up some items last month.

“First we noticed the fire, the front yard being burned,” said Mindy. “Drove down the driveway, saw the spray paint on the front of the house, knew it had been vandalized.”

This was more than vandalism. The house had been trashed.

Filthy images and words were spray painted both on the front and back of the home. On the inside of the home, the same story. Paint coated the TV, walls, bathroom and more.

Messages were left for Sally, including a confession painted on her living room wall, which read, “We burned your yard.”

“Imagine someone doing this to your mom’s home,” said Mindy. “Hurting her in the most tender time of her life.”

A joint investigating would follow, with Bridge Creek Fire Department, Grady County Sheriff’s Office and the Oklahoma Fire Marshal’s Office involved.

Authorities determined the suspects are a group of children, all under the age of 15.

The juveniles reportedly believed the house was vacant, and only knew Sally’s name by finding leftover mail inside.

“Right now, our most leading candidate, they were bored,” said Judah Sheppard with the Oklahoma Fire Marshal’s Office. “They thought [the house] was abandoned, used for storage.”

Investigators tell KFOR the case could be wrapping up as early as this week.

Possible charges for the juveniles could include breaking and entering, burglary and arson.

Meanwhile, the family believes they’ll likely have to demolish the old cabin.

“Walking into her home, knowing this was children, it just really hurt her heart,” said Mindy.

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