Braun: Increasing taxes could be a solution for proposed infrastructure bill


(WEHT)– Congress is negotiating a big infrastructure bill. Indiana Senator Mike Braun says infrastructure is needed across the country. Senator Braun went on to say, supporting the bill does not come down to how much is costs, but rather how the country will pay for it. He says increasing taxes could be a solution.

“Most of our road improvements across the state were born by businesses with an increase of 20 cents in a diesel tax, the gas and diesel tax has not been increased since 1993 out here, we need to be taxing electric vehicles, we did that in Indiana I think to the tune of $150 a pop, those are hard pay fors,” Senator Braun said unspent funds that are sitting in several federal accounts could also be used to help pay for both infrastructure bills.

A vote is scheduled for Monday on infrastructure. He tells Eyewitness News he doesn’t believe it will pass through congress.

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