HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- Evansville city officials are issuing a warning as crews prepare to start demolishing Lloyd Pool.

Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer says that there have been repeated instances of vandals cutting through the protective fencing placed by the demolition contractors and forcing their way into the building.

“There’s nothing of value inside the building; just about everything’s been removed, they’re ready for demolition; so the building is vacant, and there’s nothing in there, so there’s no need for anyone to go in there, we really encourage people just to stay out.”

In the latest instance, a door was found taken off of its hinges. Schaefer says the damage has been repaired and wants to emphasize that there’s really no reason for repeated break-ins now that they’re ready to start tearing it all down.

The demolition of Lloyd Pool is expected to start on Thursday.