Bringing MLB to Bosse Field


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Baseball fans in America had all the feels as the “Field of Dreams” game took place in Iowa. The White Sox took on the Yankees and fans say it had a Hollywood ending – very appropriate considering the game was in tribute to the film “Field of Dreams.” But that got us thinking – what if the MLB were to host a game at Bosse Field?

For some, there’s no better way to spend a Friday night in the summer than at the ballpark. Especially at Bosse Field – with a unique atmosphere and so much history. Bosse Field stands as the third oldest stadium in the country and the home field of the Racine Bells in “A League of Their Own.”

So how awesome would it be to bring an MLB game to Evansville?

“I think it would be excellent for the people of Evansville. I think it wuld be very interesting and I think they’d have a heck of a crowd here. Very enthusiastic. I would love to see that come here,” said Otters’ bench coach Boots Day

“I think that would really be a cool thing here. Obviously there’s a lot of history here. With “A League of Their Own.” It allows more fan engagement and can also bring players to understand more about the history – especially the youth as well,” said Paul Hall of the Lake Erie Crushers.

Even the opposing team thinks it would be an excellent idea! The stand would be packed. An easy sell out! But who would be the best matchup?

Otters fan “The Secret Weapon” says “the Washington Nationals and maybe the Dodgers.”

Some fans said the Cardinals and Cubs.

Day said he thinks, “any of them. Doesn’t matter. Any big league team will be greeted very well here.”

No matter who would play at Bossee Field, it would be an instant classic. And obviously there’s only one option for the PA announcer and the fans at the game agreed – Tom Hanks!
Everyone agrees, the MLB needs to bring a tribute game for “A League of Their Own” to Bosse Field. But just remember, until then – “there’s no crying in baseball!”

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