‘Bullet House’ Boarded Up Following Neighborhood Complaints


Eyewitness News is following up on a situation on Bellemeade Ave. concerning abandoned homes.

One home in particular has neighbors furious as it often plays host to squatters.

On Tuesday, the City of Evansville boarded up the windows of a home dubbed “The Bullet House.”

Neighbors called it that due to bullet holes there.

David Freels had been asking for the home to be boarded up since he moved in to the area.

“The house is boarded up now, that’s step one. I’m trying to get involved. I want this street to be back to the way it was. I want us all to be great neighbors. We don’t have to know each others business but it’s nice to say good morning and good afternoon to people. “

Freels hopes to create a committee to improve the neighborhood even more.

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