Buses and Bases Loaded at Record Setting Bosse Field Education Day


Take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd.

Today at Bosse Field, that crowd about five thousand kids strong, setting an attendance record for the Evansville Otter’s 23rd Annual Education Day.

Josh Wilson, Director of Sales for the Evansville Otters said,”we’ve had crowds of I want to say 3,000 in the past, which is a lot, this year we just kind of blew it out of the water.”

All of this coming before the first pitch of the season, as students as far as Vincennes and Princeton traded in the classroom for the diamond.

Robin Lax, Cynthia Heights Elementary School Teacher explains why her school decided this was the year to finally participate in Education Day.

Lax said, “the education aspect of it since we haven’t done that before, and the weather was great, and you know we’re always looking for opportunities for the kids to do something they haven’t done before, and going to a baseball game for a lot of kids is something they haven’t done.”

Fourth grader Jasmine Gibson was one of those at her very first Otter’s game.

“We had a slip they sent home, we put it on our fridge and I’ve been talking about it at home,” Gibson said.

After getting a ball from an Otter’s player, Gibson said her day was officially a home run, and the same can be said from those across the field as well.

Wilson said,”it kind of blew up a lot faster than expected, and it was a lot more than we expected so it was a lot of planning, lots of extra work for our whole staff, but I think we pulled it off pretty well and everything went pretty efficiently.”

But whether its the new inflatable, courtesy of Children’s Museum of Evansville, the increased communication between the Otters and different schools, or the great weather–today, it was three strikes, and everyone was out at the “ole ballgame.”

While the Otters did lose today to the Southern Illinois miners, the day was still considered a success.
According to the Otters, the exact attendance Wednesday was 5,263.

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