EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Nearly 3,000 people filled the Old National Events Plaza for the Right to Life banquet, a pro-life fundraiser, to hear Candace Owens speak.

John Montrastelle of the Vanderburgh County Council was a volunteer at the event. He said “she’s a pretty dynamic speaker I think a lot of people are excited to see her – as am I – so it’s exciting.”

The annual event was sold out. Many people took the stage, giving their testimonies on the pro-life movement. Owens’ contract would not allow cameras to record her, but when she took the stage, she expressed her stance in the pro-life community, but also defended those who were pro-choice. She said everyone needs to extend humanity to those who made those tough decisions and know that they may have suffered afterwards.

“In fact she was pro-choice which a lot of women can relate to when we were younger… She too has made that transition [to being pro-life],” said Charlotte Pfeiffer who attended the banquet.

Owens has been very outspoken about the COVID-19 vaccine – now with full FDA approval – saying she will not get the shot because she “trusts her gut.”

“She said you do you. So if you want to get the vaccine then get the vaccine. If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask,” added Pfeiffer. “She really talked about the mask mandate and whether as parent we have a choice on what we want our children to wear in school or not. She totally believe that that’s up to the parents in the community. That’s not up to the school.”

Owens was not able to participate in the scheduled meet-and-greet, but she gave each person who was supposed to be in it a copy of her book.