Owebsboro, Ky. (WEHT)– Voters took a seat in the Daviess County Court House lawn for the annual red, white, and blue picnic, eager to hear from candidates one last time before the primary election.

Michael Vanover is an Ambassador is an Owensboro Chamber of Commerce Ambassador. He listened to each candidate and said events like this help him know who is on the ballot.

“It just gives me better insight on the candidates and what their message is, I think that it is important to hear that and understand it,” he said.

Vanover says he is very active in the voting process and is excited to see a mixed bag of candidates.

“We have a lot of young people, newcomers who have a server’s heart and seasoned service people who are here today to run again,” he said.

Some have already casted their ballot ahead of Tuesday’s primary election, like Charlene Leonard.

“I think it helps the candidates out and helps them understand who they really are. We already voted, with the early voting, and it is just a thing that people ought to come out and see,” she said.

Today was also the last day Kentuckians could vote early.

Molly Galloway is a Deputy Clerk at Daviess County Courthouse and says they have seen a voter turnout of about 2%. There are 78,000 registered voters in Daviess County.