Cash to Cards: Delivery Drivers Prefer Plastic


Despite their competition, pizza stores across the Tri-State share a mutual respect after delivery drivers become the target of six weekend holdups.

None of the suspects have been caught but Evansville Police is looking into any connections.

In an effort of safety, Spankey’s Pizza on Evansville’s west side is using plastic to their advantage while taking cash out of their pocket.

The news of the armed robberies cuts to the core for owner Ryan Huck.

“I was surprised and put on very high alert,” he says.

Huck says his drivers only carry enough money for change, and most customers pay with a card. Their drivers carry a mobile card machine for quick and easy payment.

Corey Greenfield has been a driver for 2 years, and fortunately hasn’t run into problems. But he says he’s always prepared.

Eyewitness News rides along on one of his deliveries.

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