CBD celebration after Farm Bill passage


The hemp oil business got a big leg-up this week when Congress passed the Farm Bill.

The monumental legislation addresses a wide range of areas including farming, nutrition, conservation, trade, energy and forestry.

The bill also legalizes industrial hemp, a significant development for producers of cannabidiol, or CBD oil.

For Zilis, a company in the CBD business, the passage of the Farm Bill means more people could get a chance to try, what they think, is a miracle plant.

Zilis representatives met Saturday with people in Evansville over coffee. They were talking about the health benefits of hemp.
“It’s a natural product,” said Zilis representative Eva Angelopoulos. “The plant has been here for thousands of years, and it just helps people bring their body into homeostasis.”

According to the dictionary, homeostasis is a relatively stable state of equilibrium.

That’s one potential benefit of the hemp plant, which could potentially be more accessible after the Farm Bill’s passage.

“People are looking for better health, they’re looking for natural alternatives, and with that passing, it just opens the door,” Angelopoulos said.

Lisa Bell, a nurse in Evansville, believes a day is coming when everyone will open their medicine cabinet and find hemp next to their vitamins and Tylenol.

“When the federal government says this is legal, this is the equivalent of broccoli instead of a schedule-one drug, people understand this is something that is not illegal, this is something that can actually be beneficial,” Bell said.

Hemp is a type of cannabis plant, but it doesn’t get you high. It can be used in food, cosmetics, and clothes.     It used to be a cash crop in Kentucky, and now some people believe the compounds in hemp are as beneficial as medicine.

“It relieves deficiency symptoms that many times people are medicating with,” Bell said. “I have never seen anything that impact a human body like this full spectrum hemp oil that we’re working with.”

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This story was originally published on December 15, 2018

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