It’s the beginning of October and while most of us are dusting off a few Halloween decorations, one family is hanging up Christmas lights. 

A Tri-State family is celebrating Christmas a little early this year because it could be the homeowner’s last. 

Eyewitness News’ Amelia Young explains the touching reason behind it.  

On the corner of Jaycee and Williams Streets in Chandler you’ll find a home standing out from the rest. 

A few strangers passing have already scoffed at the too early for season decor, But the red and white plastic lights, felt bows and bulky ornaments mean more to Cathy Ward than most. 

“It’s bringing the spirit of Christmas to her early, helping her cope with everything going on,” said Katie Kessler who helped put the decorations up for Ward. 

“She needs stuff to make her happy,” said friend Terra Nord. 

Friends and family surprised Ward giving her the gift of Christmas early. Early, because Cathy is battling stage four breast cancer. She recently stopped chemo treatments and doctors have given her until the holidays. 

“I know what’s coming with the cancer and stuff but I’m still not ready to give up,” said Cathy. 

As time ticks, getting outside becomes a challenge, but as each light blinks the spirit of Christmas ignites something inside her. 

“She looked like a little girl on Christmas morning,” said Ward’s partner Shirley Atwood.   

“I’m still not ready to say I’m done yet. That’s a biggie, you can’t ever lose that hope,” said Cathy. 

“I think it gives her more fight and more energy. She’s very tired lately,” said Atwood. 

No matter the outcome, the meaning of Christmas will always shine from this home on West Williams street, just as it does from Cathy. 

Cathy has also been receiving Christmas cards from all around the country. If you would like to send her one, her address is: 

146 West Williams St. 
Chandler, IN 47610

(This article was originally published October 1, 2018)