Chase Ends in Crash


A chase starts with an alleged burglary of a woman’s apartment and ends with a cop and suspect in the hospital it happened last night but the story is just now becoming clearer.

The victim who wanted to stay anonymous is still trying to piece together what happened last night.

When suspect Albert Falls threw a piece of concrete through her window while she slept..

Victim says, “Next thing I knew there are police officers shining lights on me.”

She woke up to find her apartment had be broken into.

Victim says, “If it weren’t for the neighbors calling the police I don’t know what would of happened.”

According to police Falls then drove away from the scene in his van leading police in hot pursuit.

Captain Andy Chandler says, “Process of ramming him with that van of his was using the van as a weapon.”

Police say he intentionally drove his van into an EPD cruiser injuring the officer inside.

Samantha Muston says, “When we came out we heard a loud a car crash.”

Police say Falls, after hitting the cop car veered off the road and into Evansville Family Dentistry.

Samantha Muston says, “She was asleep in her play pin in our living room so to think that could of been her just makes you want to move.”

But police say this isn’t the first crime Falls has committed.

Captain Andy Chandler says, “He’s had weapon charges before and shot an officer in the past so certainly wouldn’t put it past him trying to do it again.”

Now the victim is thankful her neighbors called police.

Victim says, “If she hadn’t seen him I think I’d be dead. I really do. I think he probably would have raped me and killed me.”

Her window is now boarded up but that is doing little to stop the fear.

Victim says, “I’m still scared even though I know hes in jail but what is going to happen when he gets out of jail.”

Now this is making her look at life a little differently now.

Victim says, “I’m going to pay a lot more attention as to what is going on around me and I’m not going to trust people.”

The officer involved in the crash and the suspect are both in the hospital police expect the officer to be okay.

We’re told Albert Falls had surgery this morning and is recovering as well.

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