City Officials Approve Plans to Improve Evansville Intersection

We’re learning more about plans to improve one of Evansville’s busiest intersections.

The Board of Public Works approved the appraisals of the area at Washington Ave. and Weinbach Ave. to see what it would cost to make changes there. City Engineer Pat Keepes says the early estimated cost of the project could be up to $1.5 million.

Engineers are in process of designing the improvements, which include dedicated left-hand turn lanes, more room to turn, and new sidewalks. All in all, Keepes says it will make the intersection safer.

“Just visibility problems,” said Keepes, “so by providing a dedicated left turn land and giving these individuals their own space to make those left turning moments, it will reduce those collisions.”

Keepes says the city will have to buy some right-of-way property to make the project possible. Construction could begin early next year.

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